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Top 5 Reasons to Visit the Miami Zoo

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Zoo Miami is 750 acres and the only tropical zoo in the continental U.S. Due to the warm climate of South Florida, the zoo can accommodate over 3,000 animals from various continents, such as Asia, Australia, and Africa. Therefore, the zoo has over 500 species of animals range free. This means that there are no cages found anywhere outside, which brings about an exceptionally rare experience. People especially families should spend lots of time at this astounding Zoo Miami since there is a lot to do. However, for those serious researchers, the following are important high spots for the next family zoo trip.


Since the zoo is very big and nearly all outside, guests must rent the Safari Cycles. These “bikes” can seat up to six adults, two children, and lots of gear and make traveling around the facility simple and much more entertaining.

Giraffe Feeding

Giraffe feeding is truly a most unforgettable experience at the zoo. How many individuals can stat that they have approached an impressive, twenty-foot giraffe and put kale in its mouth? Observing these animals up-close is extremely magnificent. Parents looking at their children bask in the up-close feeding happenstance is memorable.

Go See the Elephants

Zoo Miami has a total of six elephants which is a considerable number. Four of these clever animals are African and two are Asian. This means that guests can see them in two different areas. It is something to watch these colossal creatures walk around and mingle with each other. The hot weather and smooth ground is perfect for the African elephants, which is the reason Ron Magill, a communications director, alludes to the enclosure as “an elephant Club Med.”

Splash Park

If guests are going to the zoo in the warmer months, they will most definitely love a heat break. A variety of splash areas around the zoo offer the ideal outlet. Guest must bring bathing suits and go to the biggest water area, the Ocean Voyage, which offers a whale-tail waterfall, rickety bridge, spouting fountains, and water-shooting cannons for children to splash around and cool down. The water-filled entertainment is appropriately situated next to the Oasis café. Thus, guests can roll the break directly into lunch.

The Rhino Encounter

Rhinos can be extremely terrifying animals due to their sharp horns and dinosaur-like armor. However, Zoo Miami’s Kaziranga Camp Rhino Encounter will give children an entirely different view of this mellow giant. Guests abide by audio clues as they move toward Suru the Indian Rhino and can feed him directly through the fence for a treasured meeting.

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