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North Miami is found on the northeast part of Miami-Dade County. It was initially called as the town of Arch Creek in the late 1800s. The area was then incorporated and named as the Town of Miami Shores. In 1931, however, it changed its name to Town of North Miami. Its final reincorporation as a city finally happened in 1953.

The city of North Miami is a suburban city that is home to the state’s largest urban park, Oleta River State Park. Its many attractions include The Museum of Contemporary Art and the Miami Auto Museum. North Miami is the sixth largest city in Miami-Dade County with almost 60,000 residents as of 2010. With a population this big, accidents may be inevitable.

Different Types of Accidents You May Encounter in North Miami

Just like any other city, North Miami is not immune to witnessing disasters. In these cases, it might be best to know North Miami personal injury lawyers to help you regarding legal issues. Below are just some of the common accidents that may occur in North Miami.

  • Car Accidents

North Miami lies near the notorious I-95. The Miami New Times reports that the interstate is “the deadliest piece of the entire north-south highway.” In fact, in 2015, the interstate witnessed more fatal accidents than in any other county that it passes. The thin express lanes, poorly maintained roads and traffic congestion have been identified as the causes for the rise in accidents in the area.

Regardless if you use the interstate or not, car accidents are still a common incident that one cannot really avoid. In the unfortunate chance that you get involved in one, make sure to contact a North Miami personal injury lawyer to guide you through the legal issues that come with it.

  • Motorcycle Accidents

Another county in Florida has witnessed numerous reckless motorcycle and ATV driving incidents around the area. These drivers are running red lights, running cars off the road, and in an extreme case, assaulted a pedestrian. While these cases can be considered extreme, no one is exempted from getting involved in a motorcycle accident. Should you find yourself in this kind of scenario and you feel that the accident is due to someone else’s fault, it’s best to contact a reliable personal injury attorney.

  • Construction Accidents

Construction is the third biggest industry in North Miami. Any construction employer will acknowledge that this job has a lot of risks. That is why a construction worker has to wear several protective equipment. While it’s mandatory that one wears all of these safety gear, construction accidents can still happen. If you happen to find yourself in a construction accident and you feel that it is due to negligence, you may want to consider looking for an accident lawyer.

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Any kind of accident is devastating. If you add negligence to the situation, it can get more complicated. For these kinds of cases, it’s best to get expert advice from a reliable personal injury lawyer like DLE Lawyers. We’ll take care of your legal issues so you can focus on recovering or taking care of an injured loved one. We provide free consultations, call us at (305) 363 7855 to discuss further.

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