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Brickell Personal Injury Lawyers

Brickell is the center of Miami’s financial district, with luxury condos and business skyscrapers dotting the skyline over Biscayne Bay. Trendy rooftop bars and posh hotels complement the near-perfect weather of Brickell – making it extra appealing to visitors with sophisticated tastes.

Brickell is the Manhattan of the South, with its fast-paced lifestyle more similar to New York than Miami. Everything you need is within walking distance: apartments, offices, shopping centers, and R&R facilities.

The modern Brickell neighborhood is located just 15 minutes away from Miami International Airport, with waterfront views of Miami Circle and access to nearby South Beach.

Just like any other highly urbanized center, Brickell has its share of personal injury cases. When an accident does happen, you should know who to approach to navigate the legal system in Florida.

Common Accidents that Lead to Personal Injury Cases in Brickell

Even if you live in a world-class neighborhood such as Brickell, you are not immune to accidents. Here are some of the most common mishaps that could lead to personal injury cases.

Motor vehicle collisions

Cars are ubiquitous in modern cities. And where there are cars, there are risks for accidents. One of the most common causes of personal injury cases in Brickell is motor vehicle collisions. If you get involved in a car accident, hiring an experienced lawyer ensures that you get the best deal from your personal injury claim.

Cycling accidents

Another hazard of living in a fast-paced city is getting hit by people who are riding on two wheels. If you are the one traveling by motorcycle or bicycle, you are in danger of running into turning vehicles, open car doors, crossing pedestrians, and swerving cars on the open road.

Motorcycle and bicycle accidents often result in serious injuries, which is why an urgent response is required. Even before you are discharged from the hospital, contact a personal injury lawyer to help you prepare for your legal claim.

Slips and falls

As the Brickell renaissance continues, more and more skyscrapers pop up every day. Safety is paramount when it comes to building construction, but no amount of prevention can stop accidents completely. Slips and falls are common. If you get hit by falling debris or slip along the pavement outside a building under renovation, it is essential that you hire a good lawyer to be able to claim damages from the property developer.

Workplace accidents

If you work in a restaurant, shopping mall, or warehouse, lifting, and handling equipment are a part of your daily tasks. Unfortunately, these tasks are among the most dangerous in the workplace. If you get injured while at work, find the best Brickell personal injury lawyers immediately.

Personal injury is one of the specialties of DLE Lawyers. We have been representing Florida residents for years, and our strategic approach has helped many clients achieve the best results.

If you need a Brickell personal injury lawyer, we are ready to represent you in your legal claim. We can help you seek compensation for workplace injuries, road accidents, needle stick injuries, holiday accidents, loss of limb, and accidental death.

Contact DLE Lawyers today if you or a loved one needs a personal injury lawyer in Brickell.

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