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Top Things to do in Palmetto Bay, Visit Deering Estate

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Between 1922 and 1927, Charles Deering resided on a 444-acre land now known as the Deering Estate. The land includes a wooden home constructed in 1900 called the Richmond Cottage and stone mansion. Both are three stories. Other structures were also constructed on the land to function as supporting structures. The Deering Estate can be found in the Cutler area of Palmetto Bay, Florida. The lands consist of what is believed to be the biggest virgin seaside hardwood hammock in the interior U.S. In 1985, the state of Florida bought the estate. The home and lands appeared numerous times in the 80s television show Miami Vice, and it was the beginning point for The Amazing Race All-Stars in 2007.

The Richmond Cottage

The wooden home was constructed in 1900 soon after Edith Richmond opened it as an inn called the Richmond Cottage. Guests who lodged there, according to the inn’s 1900 register, include Henry Morrison Flagler and James Ingrahm. The Richmond Cottage was referred to as the most southern inn in the interior U.S. by The Miami Metropolis in 1901. In 1904, the City Directory illustrated Cutler as some homes with two decent stores, both had boosted a lucrative establishment with the nearby country. It also described it having daily mail and three wharves for which boats transport cargo and passengers to and from Miami and the Richmond Cottage as the one decent hotel that has a view of the bay. In 1916, Charles Deering purchased the Richmond Cottage and relocated in 1922 to Cutler.

Cutler Burial Mound

The Cutler Burial Mound is primeval mound on the Deering Estate. It is one of the a small number of existent primeval mounds in Miami-Dade County. The mound is almost thirty-eight by twenty feet at the foundation, and almost five feet in height. Relics from the mound are from the Glades II and III eras. It has been constantly bothered. Henry Perrine, Jr took out numerous skulls from the mound in the 1860s while looking for the treasure of Black Caesar. In the 1890s, Ralph Munroe dug in the mound. Last century, area children also dug in the mound and took out bones and relics. A small number of those bones have been taken back and reburied in the mound. The mound is thought to consist of twelve to eighteen Native American burials. The mound can be accessed through a boardwalk.

Cutler Fossil Site

The Cutler Fossil Site is a sinkhole close to Biscayne Bay in Palmetto Bay, Florida. The location has produced bones of Pleistocene animals and bones in addition to relics of early Native Americans and individuals of the Archaic era. In 1979, the sinkhole was found on the Deering Estate. It was ultimately bought by Miami-Dade County and is now part of the Charles Deering Estate Park.

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