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Opa Locka Personal Injury Lawyers

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Opa Locka, found in the northwest area of the Miami-Dade County in Florida, has a diverse history and culture, with its dominant Moorish architecture and Seminole roots. It’s named after “Opa-tisha-wocka-locka,” which historians say likely pertains to a “wooden hammock found in the swamp.”

Established in 1926 by aviation pioneer Glenn Curtiss, the city has more than 16,500 residents as of 2017. A large part of its population consists of African American (54.7 percent), Hispanic (43.9 percent), and Caucasian (39.7 percent) descent, as per the U.S. Government Census.

Most Common Accidents in Opa Locka

As part of the Miami-Dade County, however, Opa Locka could be a magnet for accidents. According to Curbed, some of the deadliest and most accident-prone roads in the U.S. are in Miami. It’s also the county leading in pedestrian strikes.

Slip and fall statistics in Opa Locka may also be higher compared to other counties given its senior citizen residents and workplace conditions in the private construction industry. According to the Bureau of Labor statistics, Florida generally has a higher rate of the following personal injury incidents:

  • transportation accidents
  • falls, slips, and trips
  • exposure to harmful environments or substances
  • violence, by another person or an animal

Opa Locka Personal Injury Liability

A large number of residents in Florida don’t have car insurance or are not insured motorists. Thus, it may be harder to follow-up on claims or settlements if you’ve been involved in an accident or need the other party to pay for their negligence.

The state of Florida also observes a comparative negligence policy when it comes to dealing with personal injury cases. This means that the courts will carefully study how much of the liability lies on the victim versus the defendant.

In cases involving slips and falls, for example, the courts will look into whether or not the defendant took logical and reasonable steps to ensure that such an accident doesn’t happen. Florida has a specific statute (Florida Statute 768.0755), where the burden of proving personal injury liability lies on the victim.

Hiring an Opa Locka Personal Injury Lawyer

Suffice to say, you’ll need an aggressive, skilled and knowledgeable Opa Locka personal injury lawyer so that you can settle the case justly, regardless if you’re the victim or the defendant. Liabilities can be complicated and difficult to prove based on the personal injury laws of the state, as you could be easily stripped of your rightful compensation as the victim or pay for more than you could have bargained for as the defendant.

Additionally, without proper insurance, filing claims may be a rigorous process and the longer the cases drag, the chances of receiving a proper settlement diminish. Thus, you need an Opa Locka personal injury lawyer to guide and assist you in these cases.

At DLE Lawyers, we’ll take the stress and the load off your back so that you can focus on your healing if you’re the victim, or with moving with your life if you’re the defendant. Call our offices at (305)363-7855 or fill in our online form with your inquiries so that someone will get in touch with to confirm an appointment.

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