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DLE Lawyers are a team of Personal Injury Attorneys in Florida with the experience and passion that it takes to service clients in the most professional and effective manor. We have over 15 years of experience and won millions for our clients. (Call now, available 24/7).
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Personal Injury in Miami, Florida

What is Personal Injury?

Personal injury is a legal word for bodily, mental, or emotional injury rather than property injury.  The word in Anglo-American areas is most frequently utilized to express a kind of tort claim in which the individual suing known as the plaintiff has endured bodily or mental harm. Personal injury claims are filed against the person or entity that brought about the harm by means of negligence, gross negligence, careless behavior, or deliberate misbehavior and in a few cases on the foundation of strict liability. Different jurisdictions depict the damages or the things for which the injured individual might be compensated in distinct ways, but damages usually consist of the injured individual’s medical bills, pain and suffering, and lessened quality of life.

Usual kinds of personal injury claims consist of motor vehicle accidents, work accidents, slip and fall accidents, assault claims, and product liability. The word “personal injury” also include medical and dental accidents, which might result in medical negligence claims, and conditions that are frequently categorized as cases involving work-related diseases, incorporating asbestosis and peritoneal mesothelioma, chest illnesses like emphysema, vibration white finger, work-related deafness, work-related stress, contact dermatitis, and repetitive strain injury cases. The most usual of these are car accidents. Personal injury cases might also consist of toxic torts, in which a toxin spread by air or water brings about illness, injury, or death.

The person who handles cases involving personal injury is called a personal injury lawyer. This individual makes legal services available to those people who allege to have been physically or mentally injured because of the negligence of another individual, business, government agency, or any entity. Personal injury attorneys are inclined to practice mainly in the field known as tort law. Types of personal injury claims consist of injuries from slip and fall accidents, motor vehicle crashes, flawed products, workplace injuries, and expert malpractice. The words “trial lawyers” or “trial attorneys” is sometimes utilized to allude to personal injury lawyers although most other kinds of attorneys, incorporating defense attorneys and criminal prosecutors also appear in trials although many personal injury lawsuits are resolved without going to trial. A personal injury lawyer could typically be found in a personal injury law firm.

If a person lives in Miami, Fl and experiences a personal injury, he or she has the option of pursuing a personal injury claim. The individual can employ a top personal injury attorney in Miami, Florida. He or she can find one at a top Miami personal injury law firm. If the person desires, he or she can engage the services of a Miami personal injury to assist in winning his or her case. In Miami, there are numerous personal injury lawyers who handle different types of personal injury cases, such as those involving cars and/or trucks, slip and fall, product liability, and premise liability.

Types of Personal Injury Claims in Miami, Florida

Motor Vehicle Accidents

Common Types of Motor Vehicle Accidents: Truck vs. Car

Size and weight are the primary distinctions between a business-related vehicle like a big-rig, or 18-wheeler and a passenger vehicle. What may have been just a minor accident between two cars can become a disaster when a huge truck is involved.  The normal passenger vehicle weighs about 3,000 pounds while a totally packed tractor-trailer truck can weigh 80,000 pounds. In a crash between these two vehicles, it is easy to understand who the loser would be. Disastrous injuries can ensue. Because of this, truck drivers and owners must carry insurance with more elevated liability restrictions than normal car insurance. Business-related trucks require more time to stop than passenger vehicles, accelerate more slowly, have more driver blind spots, require more space to move, and need exact control when turning or backing up.

Product Liability

Companies frequently manufacture hazardous and flawed products that can bring about severe bodily injury or even death to innocent shoppers. Product liability results from a manufacturer placing a hazardous and faulty product on the market and use of this product brings about injury or death. Innocent shoppers utilize daily various products like cars, electronics, furniture and even medicine and do not understand the injurious effects these products might have on shoppers. If a company manufactured a hazardous or flawed product, the manufacturer accepts responsibility and is accountable to the shopper for any injuries due to use of the flawed product. As a shopper, a person has every right to anticipate that the products he or she buys have been appropriately produced with the maximum quality materials available. A manufacturer is required to construct products that operate appropriately and efficiently without any flaws. However, when manufacturers release faulty products onto the market, the public has the right to recuperate for injuries arising from use of their faulty products. If an individual or his or her loved one has been harmed by a faulty product, he or she might be permitted damages for lost earnings, medical costs, and any damaging or disfigurement the accident has caused him or her.

Premise Liability

Premises liability laws are founded on common law and statutory principles of negligence and safeguard victims harmed on someone else’s property. According to Florida law, property owners, managers, business operators and other people that regulate property are legally obligated to preserve a secure premise. If they do not and somebody is injured because of the dangerous condition, the property owner is liable. Everybody from landowner, operator, property manager, or any permutation be legally accountable to pay monetary damages for the harms and losses brought about by their carelessness.

Kinds of Florida Premises Liability Cases

The property owner, manager, property workers, or their agents are legally accountable as follows:

  1. They established a dangerous condition, and somebody is harmed on the premises because of it.
  2. The dangerous condition was present long enough so that it ought to have been detected soon enough to assume remedial action to make the premises secure.

Depending on the kind of property this might consist of an obligation to check, rectify, or reprove a hazardous condition, or another danger like a slick surface, tripping danger, or just to assume other safety and security procedures to avoid probable crime. When property owners

Permit a hazardous condition to be present on their property and somebody is harmed they might be accountable for any injury that arises.

 “Slip and fall” is a phrase utilized for a personal injury case in which an individual slips or trips and is injured on another person’s property. These cases normally fall under the larger category of cases called “premises liability” claims. Slip and fall accidents normally happen on property or “premises” owned or kept up by another individual, and the property owner might be legally held liable. There are several hazardous conditions, such as torn carpeting, flooring changes, inadequate lighting, narrow stairs, or a wet floor can cause somebody to slip and be injured. This is the same as somebody who trips on broken or cracked sidewalks or falls down the stairs. Besides, a slip and fall case may occur when somebody slips or fall outside due to rain, ice, snow, or a concealed danger like a pothole in the ground. Whatever happens, the plaintiff must have endured some type of injury so that he or she can collect.

Four Indicators That A Person should Employ a Personal Injury Lawyer

An individual might need to employ an attorney to represent him or her since he or she endured severe injuries, or the legal regulations associated with his or her personal injury claim are very intricate. Insurance companies sometimes refuse to negotiate in good faith. If a person was involved in any of the following kinds of accidents or endured extremely severe injuries, he or she ought to get in touch with a skilled personal injury attorney in his or her area immediately.

  1. The Individual Endured Continuing or Permanently Incapacitating Injuries: If the person sustained severe injuries in an accident that will need continuing care or left him or her with permanent disabilities, he or she ought to employ a personal injury attorney right away. Only a skilled attorney can compute the amount of money that the individual’s injuries are worth. Furthermore, understanding how the person’s injuries will affect his or her income ability over time can be hard and normally needs skilled help.
  2. The Individual Endured Severe Injuries: The amount of compensation the person finally receives for his or her injuries mainly relies on how serious his or her injuries are. Insurance companies gage the seriousness of the individual’s injuries by the kind of injuries he or she endured, the amount of his or her medical bills he or she acquired, and the length of his or her recovery time. As the amount of the person’s likely compensation increases, the more probable he or she is to attain the policy restrictions of the insurance policy of the at-fault party. If this is so, the insurance company could only pay the individual a portion of what he or she deserves. In these kinds of cases, the person ought to employ a personal injury attorney to ensure he or she receives the total compensation amount to which the individual is allowed.
  3. Numerous Parties Are Involved or Accountability is Unclear: If the individual was involved in an accident where numerous parties might be accountable for his or her injuries, he or she ought to get in touch with an attorney. When numerous parties are involved in an accident, insurance companies can be very complex. Since many individuals might have been harmed, there might not be as much settlement money to go around. The person could also be the issue of insurance claims from the other parties, eventually having his or her settlement offer diminished or lessened to nothing due to his or her proportional fault for the accident. The individual ought to get in touch with a lawyer if he or she has been harmed in an accident and might be somewhat at-fault for the accident. A lawyer can assist the person in protecting him or her against counterclaims and cross-claims by the other parties who were involved in the accident.
  4. The Insurance Company Declines to Pay or Participates in Bad Faith Strategies: Insurance companies sometimes just decline to make a reasonable settlement offer, or any settlement offer at all. If the individual cannot obtain a reasonable settlement offer from the insurance company of the at-fault party on his or her own, or mediations with the insurance company have collapsed, he or she ought to get in touch with a personal injury attorney immediately. There is also a possibility that the insurance company is participated in bad faith insurance strategies. In that instance, the person will need help from an attorney who has familiarity bringing bad faith insurance claims.

How to Employ a Personal Injury Attorney

If the individual was involved in any of the situations talked about above, he or she ought to get in touch with a respectable lawyer immediately. Employing a persona injury attorney is an extremely imperative decision. The person’s attorney will represent his or her concerns in settlement negotiation with the insurance company of the at-fault party, will do so in court should the individual and his or her lawyer choose that bringing a personal injury claim is required. The person ought to ensure that his or her lawyer is somebody he or she trusts and feel happy working with.

Questions to Ask When Employing a Personal Injury Attorney

  1. Do I require a personal injury lawyer if I am in an accident?
  2. What does a personal injury attorney do in terms of helping me with my case?
  3. How much money must I pay the personal injury attorney for his or her services?
  4. How long does it take to settle a personal injury case?
  5. How should I locate the right personal injury attorney who will best serve me in my case?

Miami, FL Personal Injury Lawyers that are ready to help you.

DLE Lawyers are a group of Personal Injury Attorneys. We specialize in handling motor vehicle accident cases, slip and fall accidents, and wrongful death cases. DLE Lawyers pride themselves on offering the best customer service and treating each client like family. Someone at DLE Lawyers is available 24/7 to take your call and give you a professional opinion. So call DLE Personal Injury Attorneys to find out how we can help you today.

Helping those injured or hurt by someone else’s negligence is our goal, and we are committed to getting you the justice and compensation you may deserve. Our lawyers will do everything in their power to get the best case result for your specific matter. If you would like to discuss the accident that you or your loved one was involved in please call our office.

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