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DLE Lawyers are a team of Personal Injury Attorneys in Florida with the experience and passion that it takes to service clients in the most professional and effective manor. We have over 15 years of experience and won millions for our clients. (Call now, available 24/7).
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Car Accident Cases
Car Accidents Happen Often In Florida, Learn All About Them Here.
Auto Accident Cases
Personal Injury Lawyers In Florida

About Jimmy De La Espriella

Jimmy De La Espriella actively litigates personal injury cases involving catastrophic injuries and cases involving wrongful death on behalf of the victims and their families. These cases include vehicular collision, product liability, medical negligence, nursing home abuse/neglect, trucking catastrophe, industrial manufacturer negligence, insurance disputes, premises liability, drowning victims, airline accident, burn victims, and others.

The representation of individuals injured by negligence, medical malpractice or faulty products is one of the most challenging and rewarding specialties in the practice of law. We love what we do. This passion manifests itself in the dedication we bring to our clients and their cases. Let us help get your life back in order.

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Personal Injury Lawyers

Car Accidents
You might be surprised at how much money you might be eligible for if you were victimized by another person’s negligence or other misconduct. If you can prove your case, it is likely to add up to a lot more than simple reimbursement for your medical bills. You might also be entitled to:
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Slip And Fall
Florida Slip and Fall Lawyers Slip and fall accidents cause 15 percent of all accidental deaths, second only to vehicle accidents. In the U.S., over a million people a year are injured this way. Tragically, the elderly are particularly vulnerable due to balancing difficulties and a fragile bone structure. In many cases, a slip and […]
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Wrongful Death
Florida Wrongful Death Lawyers Someone who is injured through the wrongful act of another, even unintentionally, is entitled to seek civil compensation for their losses. The victim of a car accident can sue or seek a private settlement from someone else who caused the accident by, for example, running a red light. But what happens […]
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