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Are you entitled for compensation?

Coral Gables Car Accident Lawyers

Yes, DLE Lawyers handle car accident cases in Coral Gables. Under our main area of law, Personal Injury, car accidents are the most common cases we deal with. DLE Lawyers have over 15 years of experience in handling our clients personal injury cases, and we have developed a very stringent and effective method throughout this time.

Facts about car accidents in Coral Gables:

According to MiamiNewTimes, Coral Gables is home to one of the worst traffic intersections in Miami. This intersection is South Dixie Highway at every intersection south of the I-95. These intersection are a nightmare because of the stop-and-go traffic that it causes. Workers driving to and back from work are common victims of road rage on these streets, which cause daily accidents.

What causes so much traffic in Coral Gables?

Generally speaking, Miami has a high traffic rate due to its worse than average public transportation systems. You will always hear things like “you can’t live in Miami without a car” from locals. Coral Gables has a large amount of traffic for various reasons such as:

Can DLE Lawyers help me with my car accident case?

Yes,  DLE Lawyers are a team of car accident lawyers in Miami Dade with the experience and passion that it takes to service clients in the most professional and effective manor. We have over 15 years of experience and won millions for our clients. (Call now, available 24/7).

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