Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino is the definitive last stop for enjoyment and amusement in South Florida. If a person is prepared to get away, Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino is prepared to tailor his or her rocker experience. It has been given a four-diamond rating by AAA and offers 469 rock-star hotel suites, high-quality restaurants, the Hard Rock Event Center which has 3,500 seats and features concerts from the most current, contemporary musicians and comedians, a tropical pool oasis that is 4.5 acres and Beach Club, a complete-service Rock Spa, exercise center, extremely lively club scene, and conference space.

Visitors can compete to win at more than one-hundred tables and two-thousand of the most current slots at Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino. He or she can snooze like a rocker. With its AAA Four-Diamond rating, the hotel offers 469 comfortable guest rooms and suites. Visitors can be subjected to live music and dance to the current tunes from celebrated entertainers at Hard Rock Event Center. Their considerable hunger will be satisfied with appetizing flavors from renowned and high-quality restaurants.  Visitors can move to a blissful instance. They can take a break, put their feet up, and invigorate at Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino’s Rock Spa or tropical pool oasis. The party never ends. Captivating entertainment in one outstanding location paves the way for a night of play that lasts twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.

Casino and Gaming

Visitors can live through the excitement of gaming activity, which lasts twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, at Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino, the biggest casino in South Florida. In the center of this casino, they can play high-energy slot machines and table games at an area of 140,000 square feet. Covering the casino wall is signature Hard Rock music collector’s items. Theses and the sounds of timeless and contemporary music videos will permeate a high-energy ambiance ideal for becoming lucky.

A visitor’s typical casino encounter includes the following:

  • More than two-thousand slot machines and one-hundred table games
  • High-maximum value table and slot-machine rooms
  • A no smoking room
  • A VIP Plum Lounge
  • More than forty high-stakes poker tables situated in Seminole Paradise

Casino credit is a convenience for Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino players. The benefit of utilizing Casino Credit is that it is free and has no interest, there are flexible repayment terms, and visitors can carry no cash without fear. When it is established, they can utilize their credit lines any Seminole Hard Rock or Seminole Casino and pay with earnings, personal or cashier’s check, bank wire, or by easily permitting their countercheck to be banked into their checking accounts.

In the center of Hialeah, Florida, there is 515 acres of fun for the entire family. This place is called Amelia Earhart Park. This park is said to be as extraordinary as the woman it is named for. It has five lakes, massive watersports, a farm village including a petting zoo and pony rides, trails for mountain biking, and a five-acre dog park.


Families would find a ninety-acre freshwater lake where they can enjoy watersports. Miami Watersports Complex is the spot where tourists do cable or boat wakeboarding, wakesurfing, waterskiing, kneeboarding, and paddle boarding. This watersports center has two standard cables and one tower cable so everyone can experience the assistance of wakeboarding instructors riding next to them aiding them in bettering their abilities and performance.

The children will enjoy the Bill Graham Farm Village, an actual farm facsimile where tourists can view horses, cows, and sheep. Tourists can also approach the petting-zoo animals, go shopping at the country store, look at genuine crop fields, and go to the adjoining insect museum. In addition, children will wish to look at Tom Sawyer’s Play Island, a fort-like treehouse fabricated for children between two to twelve years old. They will have many entertaining hours with playground equipment like spinners and even musical instruments for them to play with. Lastly, the latest inclusions to the park, the mini-soccer center, is both enjoying and operational. It has modern soccer services for both children and adults, as well as confined 4G turf fields.

If a person wants to carve an aggressive day outdoors, he or she can jump on a mountain bike and steer the eight-mile one-track and fire road bike trails of the park. Created for any rider level, these trails can be used at no cost and marked with concealed climbs, downhills, and inclined corners. If an individual does not have a bike, he or she can rent one from the Genesis Mountain Bike Rentals that is located at the park, which is in operation each weekend from nine-thirty in the morning to six in the evening. The person can rent a bike for one and a half hours at $25, two hours at $30, and three hours for $35.

If an individual brought his or her dog, he or she can go to the dog park. It has distinct sections for both big and minute dogs to hang out. The dog park even has washing and grooming areas, doggy swimming pools, and an obstacle course.

Sky Zone is the original indoor trampoline park in the world. Its staff are the creators of enjoyable fitness and the fabricators of a myriad of trampolines. They offer visitors one of the best workouts ever, united with tremendous, vigorous enjoyment. Sky Zone is staffed with those who love the sky, seek thrills, and individuals who think that jumping is independence. Sky Zone’s staff think that fitness can be enjoyable, and play can be energetic. They are fit and extremely energetic. This staff can fly high, but safely.

What is it Then?

The staff at Sky Zone is constantly working to create ambitious new methods to have fun, marshal, and participate. Although they are the creators of wall-to-wall airborne action, Sky Zone’s staff is always on the move. A person must first experience Sky Zone in order to comprehend it.

Sky Zone is intended for everybody, and its staff wants to ensure that its visitors fly safely. They demand that visitors familiarize themselves with and follow Sky Zone’s rules. As a visitor, a person must remember to remain in his or her comfort zone. He or she must not try any activity, spin, jump, or trick that he or she cannot deal with. These stunts can be hazardous. Thus, an individual must do them at his or her own risk. Sky Zone Team Members assist in ensuring that rules and regulations are abided by. Jumpers ought not to take part in court activities if a Zone Team Member is absent. Everybody that comes into the Sky Zone court must fill out a legal and endorsed Sky Zone waiver. If a visitor is under eighteen years of age, his or her parent, legal guardian, or somebody with power of attorney must sign or fill out the waiver. If a visitor fails to follow any of Sky Zone’s rules, Sky Zone can or will prohibit him or her from participating in any jump time.

Sky Zone Healthy is about being energetic because visitors are expending calories with each jump. It is about going through the independence of jumping, which in fact aids in getting an individual’s body into better shape. In addition, Sky Zone Healthy is that invigorating feeling of achievement a person receives from only one hour of wall-to-wall enjoyment. An individual can expend an equivalent of one-thousand calories in one hour only by jumping with the Sky Zone staff. Fit and satisfying harmonize, and Sky Zone is here to keep a person energetic, physical, and strong.

In Aventura, Florida, there is a mall known as the Aventura Mall. It is secured via Nordstrom and Bloomingdale’s. The mall itself is emphasized by a combination of more than three-hundred department stores that include Apple, Adidas, and many others. In addition, Aventura Mall features over fifty cafes and eating places, such as Treats Food Hall, and the experimental Arts Aventura Mall program, which showcases twenty museum-superior pieces in an array of mediums.


The Oxford Development Company publicly earmarked Aventura Mall in Aventura Mall. Four anchors were built in the initial development, which was 1.2 square feet: Lord & Taylor, JCPenney, Sears, and Macy’s. Macy’s was a Spanish-style building which was three stories and turned into the prototype for South Florida’s future Macy’s department stores. Edward J. DeBartolo Sr., a mall developer, was the project’s original investor. The shopping center was initially constructed to be big enough for a fifth anchor. There was even a part of drywall in place where its entrance would be found. 

The ground was broken in 1996 for a major enlargement of the shopping centers. The inclusion, constructed onto the southeast end of the present complex, included a patio with an AMC Theatres multiscreen theater and eating places at a new entrance. The patio itself was three stories A two-story eating place called the Rainforest Café was also opened. However, it was went out of business only some years later and replaced with a Zara clothing department store. In 2012, an H&M took its place. A section of the new complex were two parking garages that are three stories encompassing the southeast faces, of the new anchor department stores.

Aventura Mall opened in 2017 an expansion area, which is three levels at an area of 241,000 square feet. It contains two new department stores: Zara, which is two stories, and Topshop Topman, new eating places like Treats Food Hall, as well as Shake Shack and Chipotle, and communicating art pieces, in addition to Carsten Holler’s Aventura Slide Tower and The Haas Brothers’ Gorillas in the Mist. Sears declare in 2017 that it would go out of business and tear down the department store and automobile center and put a lifestyle center called the Esplanade at Aventura in its place. In July of that year, the department store went out of business. Only two of the initial anchors exist to this day, JCPenney and Macy’s. 

St. Bernard de Clairvaux Church is a feudal Spanish monastery which was constructed in the twelfth century near Segovia, Spain. However, it was taken apart in the twentieth century and transported to New York City, U.S.A It was ultimately rebuilt at 16711 West Dixie Highway, North Miami Beach, Florida. Here it is currently an Episcopal church and tourist attraction under the name Ancient Spanish Monastery. This Spanish monastery is the most ancient European-constructed building in the West.


Northern Spain

The Monastery of St. Bernard de Clairvaux was constructed between 1133 and 1141 in Sacremenia, close to Segovia in northern Spain. After its completion, it was dedicated to the Virgin Mary and initially called “The Monastery of Our Lady, Queen of the Angels”.  After Bernard de Clairvaux was canonized in 1174, it was given a new name in his honor. Bernard was a Cistercian monk and mystic who founded and became the abbot of the Abbey of Clairvaux. He was one of the most prominent church leaders in the twelfth century. Cistercian monks inhabited the Monastery for almost seven-hundred years. After an 1830s social revolution, the Monastery’s Cloisters were confiscated, sold, and turned into a granary and stable. 

Moving to the United States

William Randolph Hearst bought the Cloisters in 1925 and the Monastery’s outbuildings. The buildings were taken apart one stone at a time, tied with protecting hay, boxed in over 11,000 wooden crates, identified by number, and transported to the U.S. Soon after the cargo reached its destination, Hearst was compelled to auction off most of his collection due to economic difficulties. For twenty-six years, the gigantic crates stayed in a Brooklyn, New York warehouse. A year after Hearst’s demise in 1952, they were acquired by two businessmen to be used as a tourist attraction. It took just over a year and a half and about twenty million dollars in modern currency to resemble the monastery. It was call by Time magazine in 1953 history’s largest jigsaw puzzle.

Colonel Robert Pentland, Jr., a multimillionaire banker, patron, and sponsor of lots of Episcopal churches, bought the Cloisters in 1964 and bestowed them to the Bishop of Florida. Currently, the St. Bernard de Clairvaux parish church is an energetic and expanding congregation in the Episcopal Diocese of Southeast Florida. Church services are convened every day, except for Saturday, in both English and Spanish.

The Wynwood Walls was created in 2009 by the dearly departed Tony Goldman, a distinguished community rejuvenator and placemaker. He was searching for something huge to renovate Wynwood’s warehouse district. Goldman devised a straightforward concept. He saw Wynwood’s big supply of windowless warehouse buildings would serve as his oversize canvases to produce the most fantastic street art ever viewed in one location. Beginning with 25th-26thStreet development six distinct buildings, Goldman’s objective was to generate a center where individuals could be drawn to and look at and foster the prosaic capacity of the area.

The Wynwood Walls turned out to be a main art statement with Goldman’s dedication to graffiti and street art, a category that he thought was not appreciated enough and disrespected in the past. Goldman wished to provide the movement with more awareness and admiration. He wanted to present it in a manner that has never been done before. By doing this, he could subject the community to something they had only superficially viewed. In 2010, utilizing the drive of the previous year, Goldman Properties included ten more artists to their Walls’ list. They opened the Wynwood Doors, Goldman’s go-ahead to conventional painting galleries and spread out the wall painting program outside the Walls.

The Wynwood Walls has brought the best artists in the world who are working in the genre of graffiti and street art to Miami. In 2009, Jefferey Deitch served as co-curator for the project’s initial productive year. He teamed up with Goldman prior to being hired at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Los Angeles as the director of the museum. Goldman had summed up that the Wynwood Walls staff have endeavored a varied portrayal of both U.S. and global artists that includes everything from old-style graffiti artists to the modern work being produced worldwide. According to him, the project has truly progressed into what his friend Deitch dubs a “Museum of the Streets”.

Since its launch, the Wynwood Walls program has witnessed more than fifty artists representing sixteen countries and have covered more than 80,000 square feet of walls. They have turned into a popular, global destination. In fact, magazines and newspapers like the New York Times, BBC News, Vanity Fair, and Forbes have talked about them as well as Wynwood on their list of the trendiest neighborhoods in the U.S. In addition, the Walls were the subject of Here Comes the Neighborhood, a documentary series which narrated the formation and progression of the Wynwood community. The Wynwood Walls strives with every year to enlarge its scope, introduce renowned and promising artists, and bring topnotch art to the community.

South Pointe Park is referred to locals as South Pointe. It is a seventeen-acre county inner-city park in municipal Miami, in Miami Beach’s South Beach neighborhood. It located at the southernmost point of South Beach where the ocean crosses the bay. In fact, South Pointe borders Government Cut, an artificial shipping passage between Miami Beach and Fisher Island, to the south and the Port of Miami to the east-northeast. It offers a variety of features, as well as a restaurant, frozen yogurt concession, an area for children, a dog park, and outdoor showers. The park provides panoramic scenes of Biscayne Bay, Fisher Island, Downtown Miami, and the Atlantic Ocean.

Miami Beach city officials procrastinated with their renovation of the area. However, they did a marvelous job. Tons of detail was given to this tiny municipal retreat—benches, greenery, even artificial rolling hills. That is okay and all, but it is the scene of ships sailing into and out of the Port of Miami that makes South Pointe stunning. Nautical crafts have always conveyed the passion of extended journeys. Visitors can now abide by the centuries-old custom of welcoming these boats. They can pick a location by the water, extend a blanket, and open a bottle of wine. Enormous container ships go by so closely that a person might believe he or she can touch them. In the afternoon, they disembark from China, Argentina, and Europe, carrying automobiles and goods. In the evening, cruise ships leave for the Caribbean, transporting families and honeymooners. An individual can choose a porthole and fabricate a story about the individuals inside the cabin and then tell them goodbye as he or she sips their vino under the cloudless Miami Beach sky.

Besides the stunning beach, the walking promenade, known as the Cutwalk, is one of South Pointe’s highlights. It extends along the passage which is the main access road for watercraft arriving and departing the Port of Miami and marinas. The Cutwalk is a wonderful place to take a walk and absorb the most outstanding landscape that Miami has to offer. A person can see from the Cutwalk fantastic views of Fisher Island across the way, Key Biscayne to the south, and metropolitan Miami to the west. In addition, the traffic on the water will keep everybody amused. The South Pointe Pier is at the end of the promenade where visitors can see individuals throwing their lines.

Crandon Park is over 800 acres in size and has a two-mile stretch of beach on the side of the Atlantic Ocean. It is a municipal park in urban Miami that occupies the northern part of Key Biscayne. Crandon Boulevard stretches from the end of Rickenbacker Causeway via the park’s length. It provides access to the Village of Key Biscayne and Bill Baggs Cape Florida State Park. The land that Crandon Park inhabits was on one occasion part of the biggest coconut plantation in America, which was managed by William John Matheson and his inheritors. The Matheson family bequeathed 808.8 acres of their land to what was called Dade County.

The park has various facilities, such as a marina, golf course, the Tennis Center at Crandon Park, a family entertainment center, picnic shelters, and nature center. The park itself has parking for over three-thousand vehicles. A section of the park is reserved as the Bear Cut Preserve, a delegated natural Environment Study Area.  There are also tours conducted through the preserve.

What About Golfing?

Crandon Park has a tournament eighteen-hole golf course. It can be found on tropical Key Biscayne, which is only ten minutes from inner-city Miami. It is the ideal option to progress where a person can spend one day shrouded by the tropics. Crandon Park itself is a colorful, bright explosion encompassed by water, mangroves, and leafy, tropical plants. Crandon is both isolated and alluring and Biscayne Bay’s only municipal golf course.

For eighteen years, Crandon Park was the location of the Senior PGA Tour. It attracted golf’s greatest players like Lee Trevino. The course is regarded as one of the most exquisite and complex par-seventy-two courses in the state of Florida. The seventh hole of the Crandon Park golf course is hyped as one of golf’s most ultimate holes. It is a magnificent par four that bends to the right and directs an individual’s golf ball flying over glistening water. Golfweek had ranked the course in its top ten golf course. Golf Digest even rated it as one of the United States’ best seventy-five chic golf courses. From the initial hole-a bent par five that needs a drive over water and mangroves-to the last-another par five with water on both sides of the fairway-the golf course at Crandon Park is, in most ways, the signature golf course of Miami.

The Biltmore Hotel is an opulent hotel located in Coral Gables, Florida. In 1925, it was conceived by New York-based architects Leonard Schultze and S. Fullerton Weaver. In 1926, it was constructed by land developer George E. Merrick and Biltmore hotel tycoon John McEntee Bowman as part of a chain of Biltmore hotels. When finished, it turned out to be, at 315 feet, the highest structure in Florida. It held this record for three years when the Dade County Courthouse was constructed in 1928. The swimming pool was formerly the world’s biggest swimming pool. Among the numerous attractions was Johnny Weissmuller, a swimming instructor who gained fame in the role of Tarzan. This hotel functioned as a hospital throughout World War II and as a Veteran Administration Hospital and University of Miami medical school campus until 1968. After being deserted for about twenty years, in 1987, it was opened again as a hotel. In 1996, it was delegated as a National Historic Landmark.

An international conglomerate ran by Seaway Hotels Corporation in June 1992 turned out to be the new hotel operators under an enduring management agreement with the City of Coral Gables and once more significantly refurbished the land. New lighting and telephone systems, restorations to the swimming pool, furniture, an extreme guestroom redecoration program and spa was finished. The hotel opened in February 2009 a Culinary Academy. The Biltmore Culinary Academy is an entertaining, active cooking school with adult and children classes where the hotel’s own chefs are the instructors. The AIA’s Florida Chapter put the structure on its list of Florida Architecture, 100 Years, 100 Places on April 18, 2012. The structure is also listed as an allegedly haunted location. Thomas Walsh, a mobster, was murdered in 1929 while lodging at there. The hotel has been utilized as a location in a variety of movies and TV shows like Bad Boys, Shock Waves, CSI: Miami, and Miami Vice.

Sunday Brunch at the Biltmore Hotel has been called the Top Sunday Champagne Brunch in Miami. It is fancied by local citizens and ranked a best brunch in South Florida by local publications, such as Eater, Thrillist, Yelp, Opentable, and Tripadvisor. The Biltmore even describes with pride that it offers the U.S.’ most renowned and sumptuous champagne brunch. Each Sunday, the hotel brings out an excessive buffet with foods like caviar, smoked salmon, shellfish, carved meats, fresh omelets, pastas, and sushi. The Biltmore brunch concludes with a desert wall made flawlessly by Oliver Rodriguez, the executive pastry chef. It also has amenities like live entertainment, endless champagne, and Bellinis. In fact, the Biltmore Hotel calls its Sunday Brunch a necessity for selective guests and visitors.

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Between 1922 and 1927, Charles Deering resided on a 444-acre land now known as the Deering Estate. The land includes a wooden home constructed in 1900 called the Richmond Cottage and stone mansion. Both are three stories. Other structures were also constructed on the land to function as supporting structures. The Deering Estate can be found in the Cutler area of Palmetto Bay, Florida. The lands consist of what is believed to be the biggest virgin seaside hardwood hammock in the interior U.S. In 1985, the state of Florida bought the estate. The home and lands appeared numerous times in the 80s television show Miami Vice, and it was the beginning point for The Amazing Race All-Stars in 2007.

The Richmond Cottage

The wooden home was constructed in 1900 soon after Edith Richmond opened it as an inn called the Richmond Cottage. Guests who lodged there, according to the inn’s 1900 register, include Henry Morrison Flagler and James Ingrahm. The Richmond Cottage was referred to as the most southern inn in the interior U.S. by The Miami Metropolis in 1901. In 1904, the City Directory illustrated Cutler as some homes with two decent stores, both had boosted a lucrative establishment with the nearby country. It also described it having daily mail and three wharves for which boats transport cargo and passengers to and from Miami and the Richmond Cottage as the one decent hotel that has a view of the bay. In 1916, Charles Deering purchased the Richmond Cottage and relocated in 1922 to Cutler.

Cutler Burial Mound

The Cutler Burial Mound is primeval mound on the Deering Estate. It is one of the a small number of existent primeval mounds in Miami-Dade County. The mound is almost thirty-eight by twenty feet at the foundation, and almost five feet in height. Relics from the mound are from the Glades II and III eras. It has been constantly bothered. Henry Perrine, Jr took out numerous skulls from the mound in the 1860s while looking for the treasure of Black Caesar. In the 1890s, Ralph Munroe dug in the mound. Last century, area children also dug in the mound and took out bones and relics. A small number of those bones have been taken back and reburied in the mound. The mound is thought to consist of twelve to eighteen Native American burials. The mound can be accessed through a boardwalk.

Cutler Fossil Site

The Cutler Fossil Site is a sinkhole close to Biscayne Bay in Palmetto Bay, Florida. The location has produced bones of Pleistocene animals and bones in addition to relics of early Native Americans and individuals of the Archaic era. In 1979, the sinkhole was found on the Deering Estate. It was ultimately bought by Miami-Dade County and is now part of the Charles Deering Estate Park.

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