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South Pointe Park, A Great Place for a Picnic

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South Pointe Park is referred to locals as South Pointe. It is a seventeen-acre county inner-city park in municipal Miami, in Miami Beach’s South Beach neighborhood. It located at the southernmost point of South Beach where the ocean crosses the bay. In fact, South Pointe borders Government Cut, an artificial shipping passage between Miami Beach and Fisher Island, to the south and the Port of Miami to the east-northeast. It offers a variety of features, as well as a restaurant, frozen yogurt concession, an area for children, a dog park, and outdoor showers. The park provides panoramic scenes of Biscayne Bay, Fisher Island, Downtown Miami, and the Atlantic Ocean.

Miami Beach city officials procrastinated with their renovation of the area. However, they did a marvelous job. Tons of detail was given to this tiny municipal retreat—benches, greenery, even artificial rolling hills. That is okay and all, but it is the scene of ships sailing into and out of the Port of Miami that makes South Pointe stunning. Nautical crafts have always conveyed the passion of extended journeys. Visitors can now abide by the centuries-old custom of welcoming these boats. They can pick a location by the water, extend a blanket, and open a bottle of wine. Enormous container ships go by so closely that a person might believe he or she can touch them. In the afternoon, they disembark from China, Argentina, and Europe, carrying automobiles and goods. In the evening, cruise ships leave for the Caribbean, transporting families and honeymooners. An individual can choose a porthole and fabricate a story about the individuals inside the cabin and then tell them goodbye as he or she sips their vino under the cloudless Miami Beach sky.

Besides the stunning beach, the walking promenade, known as the Cutwalk, is one of South Pointe’s highlights. It extends along the passage which is the main access road for watercraft arriving and departing the Port of Miami and marinas. The Cutwalk is a wonderful place to take a walk and absorb the most outstanding landscape that Miami has to offer. A person can see from the Cutwalk fantastic views of Fisher Island across the way, Key Biscayne to the south, and metropolitan Miami to the west. In addition, the traffic on the water will keep everybody amused. The South Pointe Pier is at the end of the promenade where visitors can see individuals throwing their lines.

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