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Coral Castle Museum, A Must See!

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Coral Castle is a structure created by Edward Leedskalnin, a Latvian-born eccentric out of oolite limestone. It can be found between the cities of Homestead and Leisure City in the standalone territory of Miami-Dade County, Florida. The edifice consists of several megalithic stones, mainly coral-formed limestone. Each of them weighs quite a few tons. It is now a privately owned and opened to tourists. There have been legends about the conception of Coral Castle that maintain Leedskalnin constructed it by himself utilizing reverse magnetism or paranormal capabilities to reposition and shape several stones that weigh a lot of tons.

What is it Exactly?

Coral Castle’s grounds contain 1,100 short tons of stones forming walls, monuments, furniture, and a castle tower. Universally thought to consist of coral, it consists of oolite, also known as oolitic limestone. Oolite is a grainy rock comprised of minute globular grains of concentrically coated carbonate that might contain limited intensities of fossil shells and coral.

Most of the castle’s highlights and monuments are prominent. One of them is a two-story castle tower that functioned as the living quarters of Leedskalnin that consists of stone pieces eight feet high; a precise sundial; a Polaris telescope; an obelisk; a grill; a well; a fountain; heavenly bodies; and several furniture pieces. These pieces contain two tables: one shaped as a heart, the other, the state of Florida; twenty-five rocking chairs; chairs bearing a resemblance to crescent moons; a bathtub; beds; and a throne. With some allowances, the objects are made from solitary stone pieces that have an average weight of fifteen short tons each. The biggest stone has a weight of thirty short tons and the biggest ones are two monoliths set upright at twenty-five feet each.

Coral Castle is still a well-known tourist attraction. It has been speculated in popular media, such as books, magazines, and TV shows, how Leedskalnin could erect the structure and reposition stones that weigh several tons. Allegations that no one had ever observed Leedkalnin working and he caused his stones to float in the air have been disavowed. In his book Mr. Can’t Is Dead, Orval Irwin allegedly saw him dig up his stones and construct sections of his wall and clarified the processes. In 1944, the Nemith Film Collection made a short documentary film of Leedkalnin working. According to the Coral Castle’s website, if anybody ever asked Ed about how he repositioned the coral blocks, he would just respond the he fully comprehended the weight and leverage laws. Alluding to the Great Pyramid of Giza, Leedskalnin would also declare that he found the mysteries of the pyramids.

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