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How a Personal Injury Lawyer Can Help You

by | Sep 12, 2022 | Personal Injury Lawyers

About 31,720 people died in vehicle traffic crashes in the first nine months of 2021. The death rate increased by 12% in the first nine months of 2020.

A major personal injury can be traumatic and devastating to your life. You also have to deal with insurance companies, medical bills, and paperwork, which can be burdensome while you’re trying to focus on your recuperation.

Trying to handle a personal injury claim on your own can be tough. It may result in a lengthier claims procedure, lower settlement, or no compensation if not handled properly.

Hiring competent personal injury lawyers is the best approach to guarantee that your claim is handled appropriately and that you obtain the compensation you need to recover from an accident as quickly as possible.

Keep reading to know why you need to hire a personal injury lawyer.

Types of Cases Personal Injury Lawyers Handle

Your injury lawyer will help you seek compensation for someone else’s negligence. Negligence is a breach of one’s duty of care to someone else, which results in an injury or loss of money.

Consider filing claims for things like:

  •  Car accidents
  •  Motorcycle accidents
  •  Trucking accidents
  •  Slip-and-fall accidents
  •  Medical malpractice
  •  Workplace accidents
  •  Nursing home falls

Often, these cases are more complex than they appear initially. A plaintiff working with a Miami car accident lawyer might often successfully file a claim they didn’t know they even had.

For instance, you can file claims against a third party for an assault committed by someone else. A property owner will also have a duty of care to the people they host.

So, a personal injury lawyer handles many diverse cases to their ability. They will ensure your case is successful eventually.

Here are the main reasons you need to hire an accident attorney:

Personal injury lawyers specialize in dealing with cases caused by someone else’s negligence. Your attorney will serve as your confidant and ally during the claim process.

Due to their experience and knowledge, your injury lawyer will know the needed elements to build a strong case.

Consider asking as many questions as you like since you will receive honest answers from your attorney. You will make an informed decision on your case.

Your Miami car accident attorney can handle your complicated legal process. You can focus on your healing process as they handle issues like:

  •  Filling your personal injury claim
  •  Documenting your injuries
  •  Providing negligence

The trauma caused by personal injuries and car accidents might make it hard to make objective decisions about your claim. So, leave the task to a qualified Miami personal injury lawyer.

Topnotch Negotiation Skills

Insurance providers often try to convince victims that their claim is worth lesser than it does. They will sometimes send you unreasonably low settlement offers, hoping you will agree to accept that offer.

Dealing with an insurance company is hard, especially when you’re dealing with your injuries and financial losses. An experienced accident lawyer will handle this negotiation with insurance companies for you. They will know all insurance requirements.

Your lawyer prevents the insurance firm from putting too much pressure on you. Often, your settlement will be larger when you have a strong legal representation.

Lawyers hone their negotiation skills through their years of practice.

Prevent You From Making Critical Mistakes

Insurance providers often attempt to contact victims as soon as the word about their injury reaches their office. An adjuster might contact you, claiming that the insurer wants to get your side of the story.

Note that the adjuster might appear to be a caring person and compassionate about your injuries. They might even ask you to record a statement.

But, in an actual sense, adjusters are very loyal to their employers’ interests and not your interest. Once you agree to give the recorded statement, your insurance company will use it against you in your claim.

Insurance companies might sometimes send you a release form to try and get your medical records. They might tell you that you need to sign the release form to verify your injuries.

Insurance companies use these release forms to try and find something else on which to blame your injuries. Never make any statement to the at-fault driver’s insurance company.

Also, never agree to sign anything without your injury lawyer. Allowing your attorney to take over will help prevent critical errors that may harm your claim.

Correctly Values Your Injury Claim

Estimating your claim’s worth can be hard, especially if you’re unfamiliar with personal injury law. Also, as we earlier stated, insurance companies will try to pay as little as possible to settle your claim.

The claims adjusters will not tell you when you’re receiving a settlement that is less than your claim’s worth. But, a personal injury lawyer will calculate the actual value of your claim.

They base it on your financial losses and non-economic damages. An accident lawyer Miami knows how to use the available evidence in your case to maximize pain, non-economic, or suffering damages.

The types of damages you might get in a personal injury claim include:

  •  Physical pain and suffering
  •  Medical care and treatment expenses
  •  Loss of income, including commissions, benefits, bonuses, and decreased earning capacity
  •  Disabilities and permanent impairment
  •  Emotional distress, including PTSD, depression, and loss of quality of life
  •  Permanent disfigurement and scarring
  •  Out-of-pocket financial losses related to your accident

Your attorney will help you get compensation for both economic and non-economic damages. If some serious injuries need time to heal, your claim can include future medical expenses and future lost income.

Help to Hurry Your Injury Claim

Without the representation of a qualified Miami car accident lawyer, you can’t pursue your claim immediately.

You have to wait until you recover from your injuries. That translates into waiting for a long time before receiving your settlement.

Consider contacting DLE Lawyers right after your collision. We will help by making the claim process move faster since we can file the claim on your behalf.

Our personal injury lawyers know how to prevent setbacks, facilitating a faster claim resolution. You can take time to focus on your healing process as we handle your case for you.

Motivated to Support You

Often, lawyers will receive their payment after you receive payment from your insurance company. That means your lawyer is more inclined to assist in settling your claim quickly and successfully.

Also, your lawyer will be a great source of support for you after an accident. Your lawyer will handle the details and negotiations with the insurance company and at-fault party.

The reassurance of your lawyer will offer you added emotional support. They can answer all the questions you have about your legal process.

Lawyers can also connect you with support groups to ease your emotional stress. Stress is a detrimental factor to our health, especially when healing.

AT DLE Lawyers, we believe in outstanding client care. We provide our clients with an experience free from hassle, hype, legalese, and intimidation.

Helps in Evening the Playing Field

At-fault parties and insurance companies are often aggressively defending against accident claims. BY agreeing to defend yourself, you will face a defense attorney hired by the insurance company.

The hired attorney will know more about personal injury law and claims than you. Hiring your lawyer will help even the playing field and increase your chances of winning your claim.

An accident lawyer will know how to investigate the claim and locate evidence to support it.

Your Lawyer Will Handle Your First-Party Coverage

First-party coverage includes uninsured or underinsured motorist coverage and medical payments coverage. They are the ones you have on your policy and can use to maximize your claim recovery.

Note that there is no subrogation on auto medical payments coverage in Miami. You have a right of subrogation on health insurance policies.

Your medical payments coverage may work with your health insurance coverage. They work to reduce your medical bill exposure.

They will be taking advantage of provider discounts on your insurance policy. The interaction isn’t easy to comprehend, and it will take specialized knowledge and skill to use the coverage to your advantage.

Your injury lawyer will save you thousands of dollars on your medical bills. Uninsured and Underinsured Motorist Coverage applies when the at-fault driver can’t compensate you.

If you’re in an underinsurance claim, there are many intricate features that you can’t handle on your own. Hiring qualified lawyers will do more good for you.

Will File a Lawsuit on Your Behalf

Filling a lawsuit often signals a new phase in your compensation pursuit. Your lawyer will file a lawsuit after:

  •  Formalizing legal theories
  •  Understanding allegations
  •  Having enough evidence

After they file the lawsuit, a judge will push both parties to agree. The court will encourage settlement and mediation conferences. Parties get a chance to settle the issues early in their litigation phase.

Parties settle most of their cases out of court. But, once both parties fail to settle their differences, the judge assigns a court date, and the trial begins.

Often, personal injury trials last between one day and some months. That will depend on the case’s surrounding factors.

It’s vital to note that most lawyers don’t have the experience to take cases to trial. Such lawyers take up a case and refer it to another outside firm.

So, ensure you have a lawyer with experience taking cases to trial.

Can Prove Liability

A qualified lawyer will know what the court needs to prove fault and liability under laws related to accidents and injuries. The different legal elements to prove your claim might vary depending on the law applying to your case.

Your Miami car accident attorney will handle the investigations. They will know the responsible party and gather the information required to prove fault.

Will Help You to Get Quick Medical Attention

Some doctors refuse to treat injury accident victims. That is so because they try to avoid involving themselves in potential litigation. They may also be unfamiliar with billing auto insurance companies.

Your lawyer’s name on your crisis contacts guarantees they are the first person the emergency response team will call. Once they receive this call early, they will assist you in getting treatment.

The initial treatment often guarantees that you will make a quick recovery. Your accident lawyer should know about clinical negligence and individual injury. That way, they will ensure you’re getting legitimate consideration.

Free Consultations

Many personal injury lawyers will offer you a free consultation with their clients. In some cases, the lawyer will try to use hard sale tactics during your initial consultation.

Due to this, leaving the lawyer’s office without signing a contingency agreement is hard. But, since you don’t owe the lawyer anything for the consultation, tell them you want to talk to other lawyers before deciding.

You might get valuable information about the status of your accident claim during the free consultation. Be aware of lawyers who fail to spend a lot of time with you and don’t answer all your questions.

That is a sure sign of how the lawyer will handle your claim. Ensure you have a list of questions during your first consultation.

You will have greater knowledge and insight in your personal injury lawyer search.

Consult the Best Personal Injury Lawyers in Miami

You might have to take some time away from work and take care of large medical bills after an accident. Your injury claim can cost you time and money.

But, hiring the best personal injury lawyers will leave you feeling confident and stress-free. You’re sure your case will have a fruitful outcome in case of a court hearing.

At DLE Lawyers, we actively litigate personal injury cases. We will meticulously prepare all relevant facts needed for your injury claim.

Contact us now to have the best personal injury legal representation.

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