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Are you entitled for compensation?

Month: February 2019

How much do accident lawyers charge?

At DLE lawyers, you don’t need to worry about “billable hours.” After all, not everyone can afford to pay a lawyer two or three hundred dollars an hour. At our firm, we have arranged our fee structure so that you don’t need a dime to retain us. Not only are our...

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How long after a car accident can you claim injury?

It is always a good idea to file a car accident claim as soon as you can after the accident (but not before thoroughly investigating the claim). Evidence has a tendency to degrade over time -- memories fade, physical evidence gets lost or deteriorates, etc. The hard...

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Should I get an attorney after a car accident?

Yes, you should, at least if you suffered significant injury. Your chances of winning improve when you hire an attorney to represent you, but remember -- it’s not just whether you win or lose, it’s how much compensation you end up with. And people represented by...

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How much can I expect from a car accident settlement?

How much can I expect from a car accident settlement? A car accident settlement can have many components depending on the seriousness of the accident and the circumstances surrounding it. Typical components of a car accident claim include compensatory damages for:...

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What Should I do After a Car Accident?

The actions you take after a car accident could make or break your personal injury claim. Following are some tips on how to minimize your troubles and maximize your chances of receiving as much compensation as possible. What to do at the scene of the accident: Move...

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