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Amelia Earhart Park, A Wonderful Place to Spend Your Saturday

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In the center of Hialeah, Florida, there is 515 acres of fun for the entire family. This place is called Amelia Earhart Park. This park is said to be as extraordinary as the woman it is named for. It has five lakes, massive watersports, a farm village including a petting zoo and pony rides, trails for mountain biking, and a five-acre dog park.


Families would find a ninety-acre freshwater lake where they can enjoy watersports. Miami Watersports Complex is the spot where tourists do cable or boat wakeboarding, wakesurfing, waterskiing, kneeboarding, and paddle boarding. This watersports center has two standard cables and one tower cable so everyone can experience the assistance of wakeboarding instructors riding next to them aiding them in bettering their abilities and performance.

The children will enjoy the Bill Graham Farm Village, an actual farm facsimile where tourists can view horses, cows, and sheep. Tourists can also approach the petting-zoo animals, go shopping at the country store, look at genuine crop fields, and go to the adjoining insect museum. In addition, children will wish to look at Tom Sawyer’s Play Island, a fort-like treehouse fabricated for children between two to twelve years old. They will have many entertaining hours with playground equipment like spinners and even musical instruments for them to play with. Lastly, the latest inclusions to the park, the mini-soccer center, is both enjoying and operational. It has modern soccer services for both children and adults, as well as confined 4G turf fields.

If a person wants to carve an aggressive day outdoors, he or she can jump on a mountain bike and steer the eight-mile one-track and fire road bike trails of the park. Created for any rider level, these trails can be used at no cost and marked with concealed climbs, downhills, and inclined corners. If an individual does not have a bike, he or she can rent one from the Genesis Mountain Bike Rentals that is located at the park, which is in operation each weekend from nine-thirty in the morning to six in the evening. The person can rent a bike for one and a half hours at $25, two hours at $30, and three hours for $35.

If an individual brought his or her dog, he or she can go to the dog park. It has distinct sections for both big and minute dogs to hang out. The dog park even has washing and grooming areas, doggy swimming pools, and an obstacle course.

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